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Post by Cozrion on Tue Dec 01, 2015 5:38 pm

Hello Members of K-Comm!
And welcome to our new role playing and character development forum!

Before we all get started on new role plays and discussions let me just lay down a couple of new forum rules. This will ensure that our forums stay a nice place for everyone, and give the best experiences.

First and foremost we need to keep in mind that this is a PG-13-R rated forum. There will be absolutely no pornographic content posted to this forum at all. No images, no roleplays, or discussions of pornographic/smutty content. Violators of this rule will be immediately banned, no questions asked. So if your content isn't appropriate for a minor to read, don't post it.

This being said, our new forum host is not as strict about violence or disturbing content, so that sort of graphic content is fine in moderation (but please try to be mindful of other members who may not like such contect, and tag your threads appropriately!)

For CLOSED Role Plays: It is appreciated if you state what members or characters will be allowed to participate in your role pay to avoid confusion. Please respect those participating in closed role plays and ask them before joining in on their story.

For OPEN Role Plays: these are considered public role plays and any member of the community is welcome to join. If you do not want certain members to join please avoid posting your role plays in the open rp forum. If there is an issue with another member please speak to myself or the other moderators privately so that we may address the situation.

If there are any issues with the forum or members on the forum please bring those up privately with myself or the other moderators. We will take care of those issues as not to stir up the community and cause additional problems.

If you have suggestions about the forum, questions, comments, or concerns about the forum or these rules please feel free to post a thread in the Questions Center!

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